March 04,2023 Post by : Shahzad John

Syska launches new LED Bulb that kills harmful bacteria

NEW DELHI: Syska Group has launched the Syska Bactiglow SSK-BAB-9W Bulb. The companny claims that it comes with microbial disinfection properties that electrocute harmful bacteria present in a room.

"The bulb emits light in the wavelength of 400 nm to 420 nm which is safe for human exposure. It does not emit harmful ultraviolet or infrared radiation," the company said in a media release.

It ensures that there are minimum bacteria present in a room where the bulb is being used. The bulb is designed for indoor use and can be installed in schools, colleges, commercial spaces and at home.

This bulb is priced at Rs 250 and has a manufacturer warranty of one year.


March 04,2023

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