February 25,2023 Post by : Shahzad John

Sogani hopes to grow 20-25% in FY20

NEW DELHI: Delhi-based Sogani, a light installations brand, is looking for 20-25 per cent growth in the financial year 2019-20, said Vibhor Sogani, founder of the company.

Sogani says they have seen similarly growth in the last couple of years.

Majority of this demand is backed by company's growth in the international market. Few years back, the ratio of India to international market was 20:80, which now has become 50:50. "I would be happy to sustain the 50:50 ratio in the next couple of years," said Sogani.

In India, about 40 per cent of the demand comes from residential sector, while the rest comes collectively from commercial, retail and hospitality. For expansion in India, the company is looking for channel partners.

"Currently 5-7 per cent of interiors' budget in residential and commercial sector is given to lighting, which in international market is about 10 per cent," said Sogani.

He however is optimistic about the future of luxury lighting segment and expects it to grow significantly in coming years.


February 25,2023

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