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Smarter lights to brighten up your way!

NEW DELHI: There’s technology everywhere right now, and every technology is curated to provide you with leisure, to save time and improve efficiency. When it comes to technology at home, people are shifting towards automation in smart lighting. There focus is on making lives easy keeping in mind the needs of every age group.

There are a few things that the smart lights promise to do, one of them is giving you the comfort of setting the lights and forgetting about it. You can not only dim the lights and change the colour of the lights as per your convenience, but also can set the timings according to your schedule. This isn’t just it, your house lights up once your phone is within its radius (after being synced).

What you can do with some smart lighting in your home? Here are some interesting suggestions that will make your home look smart and modern at the same time:

Now, this is very important for anyone who has a small kid or older people in their family living with them. Embed sensor with smart lights to turn on the kitchen light when you’re near it, based on the motion. It’ll help you conveniently avoid loud incidents during the night.

Security Lights on Front & Back door based on Motion

To make your home smarter, put on some flashy smart lights at the entry of front & back door set up between your sleeping & waking up hours. The big flashlight will alert you, and wake you up, and set off the alarm. Certainly a good option, for people with big backyards!

Add another feature up your smart sleeve

As most of the time is spent moving around the home, or kitchen, or the living room apart from the bedroom, if the room is idle for more than some time, the lights will turn off automatically. By installing this feature in your smart lighting setting, it’ll help you in cutting electricity cost, saving power and will add convenience up your sleeve.

Alarm clock lights for a better sleep

Landscape lightings are not new to the market anymore. With bigger window panes & automatic curtains, the landscape lightings have made their way into the bedrooms. It provides ambient yet dim light to set you off to sleep slowly and helps you wake up comfortably.

Fix your home with a two-in-one device controller; sync both your speakers & led smart lights to the device. Set the controller to support your mood for EDM or Arijit Singh and enjoy rather a relaxing evening

There are a lot of brands like Phillips that are investing in inventing newer and smarter ways to make lives easy, at cheaper rates. Keeping in mind the latest technologies, above are a few ideas that are family proof, convenient and cost-effective. You need to just understand your needs, and you’ll be able to find it in the market.


February 18,2023

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