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Pomp-up your living room with lightings for various occasions

NEW DELHI: Have you sought out how your entire house will look? Are you still stuck on the vibe that your living room would represent? You have chosen the paint colour but are still afraid of deciding the lighting fixtures? You’ve decided on which carpet will go with the sofa set but are still not sure about the lamps you’d go with!

People usually go with for fancy chandeliers; they definitely look ravishing and they literally light up your living room with royalty and class, but here, the following ideas would make you want to re-think upon the chandeliers you were planning to buy:

Ceiling lighting will make you want to grab a coffee mug and a good book

Table lamps to make your guests feel welcome

The set of table lamps placed alternately between each sofa is convincingly one of the easiest ways to decorate your living room, and it would also provide a feeling of warmth and make your guest feel more welcome at your humble abode.

Perfect lighting for a close intimate evening

The long neck corner lamps placed beside your long sofa will add an aura of elegance to your sophisticated living room! Long neck corner lamps are not just another fixture to fill your living room; they set the perfect light for a close intimate evening.

Yellow Showroom lightings are the new thing

These days’ yellow showroom lightings are making their way into the living rooms of houses, and you should definitely give them a try by picking a few modern showroom lighting & fixtures and highlight the key features of your living with a full throttle.

Soft yet ambient lightingNot a fan of too much lighting? For you, the lighting industry has specially curated scones! Scones are traditional yet classy fixtures that will softly brighten up your living room; also, providing the ambience you require at a casual get-together.

Add gush to your living room with a Statement Fixture!

Living rooms with high ceilings are a little difficult to decorate and light. To make the most of the high ceilings, you can hang a lighting fixture to make a statement. There are make statement lighting fixtures available in the market that will speak for itself and add gush to your living room.

Floor lamps for a lazy morning or a late evening

Living room is a multi-use space for your everyday activities, a place where you get together for some heartfelt conversations over breakfast or a late evening where you ditch the dining rules and take your plates with you to the floor; and nothing more will make up to this theme than a natural light source, with an in-built chimney, and some floor lamps.

You have some free space in your living room? Fill it up with your favourite books throw some fairy lights on it and hang a printed artistic piece for a background. You just created another comfortable corner for yourself in the house!The lighting market is currently flooded with millions of designs that are budget-friendly, classy and stylish. Knock yourself off by just stepping into these markets, and bring home some ravishing lighting fixtures for your living room. Happy Decorating!


January 14,2023

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