February 17,2022 Post by : Shahzad John

Luminus IR LEDs Set New Output Benchmark


CBM-90-IRD LEDs are a practical alternative to lasers in industrial and life science applications

Luminus Devices has expanded its portfolio of ultra-high-power infrared (IR) LEDs with a new product line that addresses the rapid expansion of life sciences, medical, machine vision, and industrial applications. The Luminus CBM-90-IRD LEDs come in three peak wavelengths - 780nm, 850nm, and 940nm - and are said to deliver unmatched radiometric power in a compact package platform that is well-suited for fibre-coupled applications. These newly-introduced IR products are based on dual-junction technology. They are designed to compete with laser diode and VCSEL technologies with the advantages of being eye-safe, less expensive, and easily integrated into an optical light engine. Depending on the drive condition and peak wavelength, these LEDs can deliver over 15W of radiometric power under CW (100 percent duty cycle) conditions or 40W under pulsed conditions. In addition to traditional industrial and machine vision markets, these LEDs can also be used as light sources in medical and life science applications. The 780nm version can be used to excite near-infrared (NIR) biomarkers such as Indocyanine Green (ICG), which are widely used in fluorescence imaging markets. “Our CBM-90-IRD-780nm LED product delivers 10+W of radiometric power that can be efficiently coupled in 5 to 7mm optical fibre bundles used in endoscopy and infrared light engines,“ said Yves Bertic, senior director of global product marketing. “With the growing demand for light sources capable of exciting the new biomarkers that are continuously being developed, this product line is the perfect alternative to legacy laser-based light sources.” The CBM-90-IRD range has copper chip-on-board package that includes high precision optical alignment features, handles high currents and offers low thermal resistance.


February 17,2022

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