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Luminis adds RGBW option to range of luminaires


Montreal, QC, March 11, 2021 - Luminis® (www.luminis.com), an established innovator and manufacturer of specification-grade, interior, and exterior lighting solutions, will now offer a range of its luminaires with RGBW color LEDs. Full color tuning is available for luminaires in the Lumistik and Lumiquad families. With over 16 million possible hues, architects and landscape architects can utilize colored illumination to make a design statement, enhance building facades, or highlight specific landscaping features. Also, the illumination can revert to white as required. A majority of bollards, columns, pendants, and wall-mounted fixtures in the Lumistik family can be selected with RGBW. All acrylic diffuser models of columns and bollards in the Lumiquad collection are also applicable. Products available with the RGBW color option are: Lumistik: Bollards (CL313XL, CL613, CL623, CL813, CL823) Columns (CL620, CL640, CL670, CL820, CL840, CL870) Pendants (CL312, CL322, CL342, CL622, CL642, CL672, CL626, CL646, CL676, CL822, CL842, CL872, CL826, CL846, CL876) Wall mount (CL314, CL324, CL315, CL325, CL345) Lumiquad: Columns (LQ420, LQ440, LQ620, LQ640, LQ670) Bollards (LQ413, LQ423, LQ613, LQ623) More information about Luminis products with the RGBW option is available at https://www.luminis.com/products/colortunable/


February 08,2022

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