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LEDVANCE Launches New Street Lighting Lamp Family OSRAM NAV LED

The efficient LED alternative for street lighting leads to reduced running costs.  


Street lighting with the new OSRAM NAV LED  Photo Credit: LEDVANCE

LEDVANCE launches the new lamps family OSRAM NAV LED as a direct LED retrofit for traditional high-pressure sodium vapor lamps (NAV). They offer compelling benefits for areas of application such as streets, area lighting, pedestrian zones or parks. The new OSRAM NAV LED retrofit lamps increase efficiency on two different levels: consumption and maintenance. Not only do they consume up to 52 percent less energy than conventional high-pressure sodium vapor lamps, but they also reduce maintenance costs thanks to their lifetime of up to 50,000 hours. Besides cost savings, another bonus of the new product family is the easy replacement thanks to compatibility with conventional control gear (CCG), compensation capacitor and ignitor without rewiring. The so called “night-time switching” allows additional dimming at low traffic density. Finally, the OSRAM NAV LED also offer a very high efficiency of up to 185 lm/W. NAV LED also offer a very high efficiency of up to 185 lm/W. More details are available on the LEDVANCE website here.


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December 16,2021

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