January 18,2022 Post by : Shahzad John

Dehradun civic body to install LED streetlights in newly-added 40 wards

DEHRADUN: Dehradun Municipal Corporation (DMC) will soon install LED street lights in the newly-added 40 municipal wards of Dehradun, confirmed city mayor Sunil Uniyal Gama on Friday.

At present, the street lights in the new wards have sodium bulbs fitted in them. Unlike the sodium lights, the LED lights will consume fewer energy and have a bigger life span.

The DMC is in talks with a government agency and shall give them the responsibility to carry out the LED street light installation process. As many as 60,000 LED street lights are expected to be installed in the new wards. The government agency (and not the DMC) will bear the entire cost of the same.

These 40 new municipal wards were added in 2018 and it mostly includes rural part of Dehradun. The new wards include areas like Chanderbani, Nathuawala, Ballawala, Nakrunda, Harrawala and Nawada among others. Notably, most of the street poles in the old wards also have LED lights fitted in them.


January 18,2022

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