December 13,2021 Post by : Shahzad John

Coimbatore: Over 50% of street lamps do not function in Gandhi Nagar

COIMBATORE: Riding through the lanes of Gandhi Nagar in the city – especially during the night hours – have turned into a difficult task as the roads are filled with potholes and street lights that do not glow.

Residents said that more than 50% of the street light in the area doesn’t function and the numbers have been increasing with each passing day.

"Street lamps at major junction do function, but most of the lights in axillary roads have stopped functioning months ago. If only the roads would have been proper, riding through the lanes would have been manageable. But with the roads filled with potholes for every few meters, commuting through the lanes have become a nightmare," said Gayathri, a resident.

"While the corporation has managed to lay few roads about a month ago, most of the roads are half a decade old and they are damaged beyond repair. Dust emanating from the damaged roads whenever vehicles pass, has been suffocating us," said Mathew, another resident. He said that he was forced to clean his vehicles and building gate multiple times a week to remove the accumulated dust.

Pinpointing that most of the people from Peelamedu travel through the area to reach a shopping mall in Saravanampatty, he said that at least one or two accidents take place on a daily basis in the locality.

Due to the absence of the council, we don’t even know whom to reach out to raise our complaints, said the residents.


December 13,2021

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